June Hong

Logitech Circle



november 2014

Circle is the app for in-home security camera to access and control alerts, settings, and live cam and recordings. The design goal was providing the smart and easy use of their camera(s) giving the sense of complete control without being overwhelmed by advanced setups or annoyed by constant interventions. 


Smart Alerts

The use cases are defined by the time of the day and users location. Smart alert feature is thoughtful basic setting considering user's situations without asking too much. Once set on, it will automatically change the notification settings without any further user interventions by detecting GPS and time. 


Home Screen

Home screen allows users easily access their cameras with live views and add more cameras. We designed it in a very minimalistic manner with the least amount of information users should notice at first and they can continue easily to more details. 


Camera View 

The live view and recording are easily noticed by different colors. It only displays the time when any activities were observed on the right panel with bubbles in the timeline. Day Highlight is designed to overview 24 hours activities summarized as time-lapse to allow users to consume the whole day without hassles. 


Camera Settings


Smart Location

Smart Location allows users to set the boundary where they get the smart alert set when they get into. Users can easily set the zone by moving the boundary of circle. 


Motion Zone Setting

Motion Zone is the area to be set by users in the camera view to avoid too many empty noises such as trees moved by winds, and they can set the area where they want to see most without being interrupted during their busy days. However, it's not completely off the big or unusual movements from the outside of boundary.