June Hong


Here's How I Do!

Understand the system and market - Start with small, key parts - Iteration to gain enough confidence even after launch ( there are all the time things for improvement ) 


Step 1: Understanding 

  • Stakeholder Interview: reach out to right people such as product lead, marketing, sales, and current customers to understand why we do and what are the challenges

  • Market Research: collect information from online to find out what's going on and what are the competitions

  • User Story: develop journey mapping or user flow to understand current situations, pain points and opportunities 

  • Personas: try to empathize with users thoroughly by describing hypothetical user profiles; jot down their needs/wants that match with new features/functionalities 


Step 2: Ideation 

  • Brainstorming: invite all creative minds near me and generate as many ideas as possible by setting up brainstorming session or do it by myself through "what-if" conversations with myself :) 

  • Sketching: visualize ideas on papers

  • Deciding: share and review sketches with the team and decide which ideas develop further


Step 3: Prototyping

  • Wireframe: develop optimized user flow and wireframes for each screen with enough precisions

  • Visual Design: define color scheme and visual style; try to keep simple and clean

  • Team Review: share wireframes and design mockups as early and often as possible; open to feedback but keep moving on 

  • Prototyping: develop prototypes with html/css/flinto/macaw/etc... ; try to make it real but avoid putting too much time


Step 4: Test & Iteration

  • Testing: try simple online testing like usertesting.com; sometimes hire actual users from the target demographics or try guerrilla/aisle testing - it doesn't matter how you do but matter what you get!

  • Development Support: follow up on engineering for design assets; this stage is all about communications - try to make clear directions and remove confusions

  • Launch / Iteration: the most exciting but embarrassing time when the product goes live; setup A/B testing on key assets - keep updating with actual data and end-user reactions