June Hong
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Chegg Career Map Explorer

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Career Map Explorer

January 2016



Career Map Explorer is an experimental project initiated to exercise the data that we have and make sure that we can "connect" the data in meaningful ways to drive students' decisions and outcomes on their career. As our research showed that coming out of college a student is often unsure of what options are available to them post-graduation, the idea of Career Map Explorer is showing many career options connected to the student's major and important statistics such as salaries, locations, and required skills. It helps students explore the career options lay ahead of them and understand what’s required and expected in the job, and finally connects them to the internships and job opportunities that would help them get there.

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User Flow

The site structure has only 3 steps with simple interactions, expanding and collapsing to get to the final stage where students can see the information related to the specific job title they are interested in. 



Wheel of Future

The unique approach to the explorer design was intentional. We would like to make students more intrigued to try. After 20 rounds iterations (yes, 20 rounds ><) we landed on the circular interface implying bright future and multiple choices. It's been built as a fully interactive in one page. 


Information Panel


The wide range of information we are sharing in the platform can make students feel overwhelmed, so the information panel was design to be hidden before users click an the job title to decide to learn more. Once clicked it will stay and show the 4 tabs where the most essential information students can find to make better career choices.